Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jeopardy Supercomputer

Forget unbeatable chess computers, how about a computer that is able to play ( and win) gameshows!

Also hilarious line by one of the champions : )

This was taken from the tv/game show Jeopardy, as two of the best contenstants to ever grace the show play against IBM's Supercomputer, Watson. If you watch the footage, Watson does extremely well (almost TOO well) and it is crazy to think of the programming it took for it to understand this not-so-straight forward game. 

Quick link  -

Let me know what you think about it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi again guys.
I currently have a CBR 250RR - Honda's high revving 250.  Made from the early 90's until 2000 in my country. It really is a great little bike to thrash around, with a redline of 18 500 rpm and around 45 bhp it is not slow, but really lacks the punch of bigger 600's. However learner bikes are all restricted until you have your full motorbike license. I only have about 10 months until i am allowed to (legally) ride whatever bike i want. Currently i am looking at 600 "super sports" meaning the full race style 600's. Now these things are fast, most topping out with a bit over 90 kw at the flywheel, they are more power than anyone will need on the street. Not to mention they look sooo GOOD!
Such as the:




I know what you are probably thinking - That they all look the same. True, however once you start seeing these a lot, you start noticing the finer details which makes ( or breaks) the bike. I am leaning towards the CBR ( as i have it's baby brother) or the ZX-6R, as it has the best suspension and engine of all the bikes. They are all roughly the same price through private sellers, so as the date when im allowed to ride these big things come closer, ill be test riding to see which fits me as a person.

Let me know what you think of them! Or if you have any other suggestions regarding bikes don't be shy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick follow up to last Entry!

Just saw this and had to post it due to my last post. 


Saw this today. Funny stuff. The limit my friends and  I got to was drawing with markers on the passed out friends faces.

There was one night at a friends house where a friend passed out early on in the night and we managed to draw stuff almost entirely covering his face - tribal tattoo style. In the morning when we were all hungover and ready to go home, we held back our laughter when he awoke. Tried to poker face it and hope he catches the train into the city with us - without knowing he was covered in drawings. UNFORTUNATELY there was a mirror just at the front door (WE WERE SO CLOSE!) so we all had a laugh and the joke was over.... What he didn't realize was when he went to the doctors the same day for a check up, there were drawings all over his stomach and back as well : )